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I’ve had many debates with people who are perfectly willing to put all their faith in only some scientists while completely ignoring what other scientists say in regards to global warming climate change. Hey, everybody’s free to their own opinion, so who they choose to believe or not is a testament to how free we are. Unfortunately, when those people decide their opinions are somehow more equal than somebody who has the exact opposite opinion – or even just wants to approach the whole thing with a little more caution and level-headedness than the population of Pompeii when Vesuvius went up – that’s where a problem is created.

I’m all for science. The methodology inherent in proving or disproving theories is music to my analytical nature, but it starts to sound more like a three-year-old banging on a piano when leading scientists don’t even bother to fact check each other’s work. And, people being people, there are scientists who actually fabricate research (case in point: Hwang Woo-Suk, a leading stem cell researcher who became the shame of South Korea when it was found his claims of cloning human stem cells were nothing more than lies).

Unfortunately, when it comes to global warming climate change, any dissent is hurriedly shouted down and the dissenter discredited. It’s OK to question anything else, just not that. It’s a sad, sad day in science when one can’t disagree with a theory or hypothesis without being labeled a heretic. I always thought science was supposed to be the search for ultimate truth. Silly me.

In any case, I’ve been watching this video, which handily refutes the sacred cows of global warming climate change. It runs about one hour and 20 minutes so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time before you actually sit down to watch it. I tried to embed it, but I don’t think WordPress likes Google Video much.


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It’s been a while

I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging for a very long time now and just haven’t had either the time or the desire to update the software for my old blog. Ultimately this blog will be pretty much what my old blog was, a place for me to talk about pretty much anything, especially politics. It’s a bit bare right now as I don’t have time to do much other than get it started, but hopefully during this week and upcoming weekend I’ll be able to get more done and have it looking like a proper blog.

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