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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: California sucks. Sure, it’s a beautiful state and I’ve enjoyed visiting places like San Francisco and LA, but overall I wouldn’t move here willingly if you paid me to. Why? Because this state is run by fiscal morons. Which I guess shouldn’t be surprising, given that this is a state that has Nancy Pelosi as one of their reps in Congress. I’ll take boring old Idaho or Utah over California any day. People like to make fun of them, but at least the state governments don’t treat you like little more than their own personal piggy banks (h/t Instapundit) that they can pull money from whenever they feel like it. California seems hell-bent on make sure that nobody can ever live here, or would even want to. Sure, a 10% increase in how much money you have withheld doesn’t seem like a lot, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time in the military – and keep in mind I love the military – it’s that the saying “If you give an inch they’ll take a mile” is not just a cliché; it very much applies to anything the government has its fingers in.

Technically, it’s not a tax increase…

Technically. Whew! I’m so glad that it’s technically not a tax increase and that the government is promising to give people their own hard-earned money back. I mean, it’s not like the government has ever broken promises before, right? Right?

Yeah, like you’ll ever see that money again. It’s supposed to be helping to give the state government $1.7 billion worth of breathing room on their deficit. What it will turn into is just more funding for a state that has made Nevada, Arizona, and Texas weep with joy at all the businesses crossing the border to flee a hostile business environment. Think about it: we’re talking about a state that sent out IOU’s to people during the last tax season, do you really think they’ll give your money back willingly this time around?

Anybody who actually knows anything about economics knows that if you reduce – you know, as in lower – taxes it has the effect of spurring economic growth. Every time. This isn’t just some theory that some whack-job capitalist thought of in his mother’s basement. Every single time the government has lowered taxes it has resulted in higher tax income and a boost in the economy. Let me repeat that: Every single time the government has lowered taxes it has resulted in higher tax income and a boost in the economy.. And we are not talking about these manufactured boosts you see when the government dumps money into the economy for temporary programs; these are long-term, real economic benefits that have real effects years down the road. Reagan’s tax cuts, anyone? The 90’s sure didn’t see prosperity because of Slick Willy. He was taking credit, but he certainly didn’t deserve it.

But of course California is not going to follow that model because, well, it just makes sense. Plus, lower taxes on anybody but the poor (who, by the way, don’t really pay taxes) is generally considered a Republican plank and nobody in California wants to be accused of shilling for “The Man” or helping out those “evil” big businesses. Never mind the fact that Democrats and liberals are, in fact, “The Man” now and those “evil” big businesses are responsible for giving people jobs. You know, those things you go to every day where you get money for doing stuff. Those things that make it possible for you to pay for necessities and frivolities alike. Yeah, those things.

Does the state of California actually get any of this? No, which it is quite clearly showing by imposing this “non-tax” during the holiday season, right when businesses are expecting, as they usually do, a large increase in spending. Take even a few dollars away from a person and it can severely curb their spending habits in the long run. What you see happening is California screwing the state over in the long run so that for a couple of months, in the books, they can look fiscally competent. Excuse me while I beat my head against the sharp corner on my desk and attempt to lobotomize myself. It really can’t be any more painful than watching these monkeys come up short on trying to find their own asses in a well-lit room with a flashlight.

So you’re not from California and really don’t care. Normally I’d be right there with you. Just keep this in mind: How long do you think it will be before the federal government decides to try this? I’ll wager not long. So with that in mind if the federal government actually tries this, you’ll want to read this last part:

Savvy taxpayers can get around the state’s maneuver by increasing the number of personal withholding allowances they claim on their employer tax forms, said Brenda Voet, a spokeswoman for the state’s Franchise Tax Board.

“People can get out of this,” she said, noting that most people would have to change their allowances through their employers. California’s budget leaders are banking on the hope that most won’t.

This is for the benefit of all my California friends who are residents and work here. I would like to see them all stick it to Sacramento by doing just that. And if the federal government decides to give this program a whirl, I will certainly be heeding this advice. There is no way in hell I’m going to give even more money to a bloated bureaucracy that can’t stop spending. I refuse to be an enabler.


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