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I hate neo-feminism

I consider myself to be a classical feminist. I certainly want to be afforded the same opportunities as men to prove myself in whatever occupation I should choose. What I don’t want is to have the goalposts shifted in order to give me an unfair advantage in the name of “women’s rights” and “diversity.” Along with that, I have major issues with the portrayal of men in the media.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of “men are stupid/pigs” thoughts. But the fact of the matter is that men don’t have a monopoly on being assholes; women are doing a bang-up job of portraying themselves as complete bitches.

Try to remember the last time you saw a popular media product that showed a proud male character that may have been flawed, but wasn’t a complete idiot that needed to be saved by his drop-dead gorgeous wife – who will often spend time with friends who question her choice in men without putting up any defense for the man she supposedly loves. Having a hard time thinking of one? I’m not surprised.

One of my least favorite portrayals of a man bending to a woman’s will is the commercial for a Windows phone:

I LOATHE everything about this commercial (which inspired this post). One of the biggest things about this commercial that gets under my skin and irritates the hell out of me is how the woman tries to make the guy more feminine – which, for reasons known only to batshit insane women and their male apologists, apparently adds to the appeal of the man (ugh). The other huge thing that annoys me is how the man JUST TAKES IT! WTF!?!?!? You’re a dude! There’s no reason to take that crap! It’s one thing to take some style advice; it’s a completely different thing to let your girlfriend/wife humiliate you in public. Do you think any guy in his right mind would have put on that outfit if his buddy had told him to? Hell no! He would have told his friend to go screw himself. But men nowadays have been so cowed by the whole feminist movement that if he refuses an insane request from a female he’s the douchebag. Conversely, if the woman were to refuse an insane request from a man she’s hailed as a liberated woman standing up for herself.

This may just be an opinion, but I really think much of this attitude is a direct result of how children are currently being raised. Girls are told they are special and that they’re “daddy’s little princess” while boys are told to never hit a girl, even if she hits him first, and that they essentially can’t be boys (rough housing and in general just doing what boys do are no-no’s now). Boys are constantly being told to have respect for the girls while the girls are taught no such equivalent. Boys are there to make the girls feel special, and the girls are there to make sure the boys stay in line and act civilized (though, of course, the girls get the message that you can never really expect boys to be civilized on their own, you have to nag them into it). What a bunch of crap.

You can call me a “gender traitor” or whatever else makes you feel better about yourself, but I think the whole neo-feminist movement is complete bullshit. Men have their issues, but women also have issues of their own and for an entire movement – which is sadly ( but not surprisingly) supported by weak beta-males – to advance the idea that women are superior to men just based on the location of their plumbing and a perceived lack of ability to think with anything but their “equipment” is disgusting and I for one am sick of seeing them portrayed in such a way. I’ve known a lot of douchebag guys, but I’ve known a lot more stone-cold bitches who treat men they supposedly love like little more than slaves.

This post is by no means an exhaustive treatise on the horrible treatment men must endure while women are given a pass. It’s just something I feel strongly about and felt the need to rant about. If you want some really good stuff to read on the subject, I’d recommend Dr. Helen’s writings on men’s issues. (Dr Helen is the wife of the Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame.)


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Clips are great if you want to illustrate details and specific points, but I love it when I get to see the whole thing a clip came from because then I get the entire context. So without further ado, enjoy (if I can use this word here) the full interview with Yuri Bezmenov, which I’d posted small snippets from before.

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If you’ve ever wondered why carrying a gun is a good idea, take a look at the pictures below.

If those pictures aren’t enough to convince you that the use of a firearm is a perfectly reasonable response to being confronted with an edged weapon – and therefore preventing the type of damage you see below – you’re floating somewhere between brain dead and actually dead.

Pictures below the fold due to graphic nature.


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…and I’m not joking.

The Crack Emcee over at The Macho Response* posted these videos about a year ago while he was still on Blogspot. I only just found them recently and I’m currently still trying to decide whether to be happy to find them or to be beyond disturbed that the process he was describing is still working today, albeit for at least one different backer.

*Just to warn those who are easily offended: The Macho Response contains a lot of swearing, as well as some pictures you may have a problem with. The link to the collected videos is fine (it’s just the videos), but you may wish to refrain from exploring.

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