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I’m talking to you, the person who whines nonstop about “compassion” for the poor illegal aliens who just want to live the American dream. And you know, I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’m prepared to mend my ways. But I need a bit of a compromise. Just a little nothing you’ll never notice at all.

We’ll agree that people can jump the border without going through the proper channels if I can walk into the back door of your house any time I want. I’m fully willing to acknowledge the plight of the illegal if I can raid your fridge for my food – keep it stocked with vegetables, some fruits, and milk; a LOT of milk. I’ll gladly help pay for their kids to go to school if I can boot one of your kids from their room – yeah, it’s mine now. And I’ll even help pay for their medical care if you agree to give me the equivalent of one social security check – to include the amount for 10 offspring – every month. While all this is going on you’re not allowed to call the police, nor are you allowed to kick me out, deny my access to food, or dispute my use of your health insurance plan (which you’ll immediately put me on, of course) as I wrack up huge medical bills by going to the E.R. whenever I get the sniffles or stub my toe.

Hey, it’s all about the compassion, isn’t it? I’ll be leaving my home and belongings behind so that I can mooch off of you like the illegals you are morally supporting live the American dream so why are you calling 911?


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