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I’m talking to you, the person who whines nonstop about “compassion” for the poor illegal aliens who just want to live the American dream. And you know, I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’m prepared to mend my ways. But I need a bit of a compromise. Just a little nothing you’ll never notice at all.

We’ll agree that people can jump the border without going through the proper channels if I can walk into the back door of your house any time I want. I’m fully willing to acknowledge the plight of the illegal if I can raid your fridge for my food – keep it stocked with vegetables, some fruits, and milk; a LOT of milk. I’ll gladly help pay for their kids to go to school if I can boot one of your kids from their room – yeah, it’s mine now. And I’ll even help pay for their medical care if you agree to give me the equivalent of one social security check – to include the amount for 10 offspring – every month. While all this is going on you’re not allowed to call the police, nor are you allowed to kick me out, deny my access to food, or dispute my use of your health insurance plan (which you’ll immediately put me on, of course) as I wrack up huge medical bills by going to the E.R. whenever I get the sniffles or stub my toe.

Hey, it’s all about the compassion, isn’t it? I’ll be leaving my home and belongings behind so that I can mooch off of you like the illegals you are morally supporting live the American dream so why are you calling 911?


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This is the musical version of how I feel about the government.

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I guess I could say that what’s going on in the UK is a surprise – but I’d be lying. If anybody had asked me 10 years ago how I thought things would turn out in a society that punishes citizens who are trying to protect themselves or their property while not even giving a slap on the wrist to criminals who, you know, actually commit crimes I would have told you’d be lucky to still have a country standing. Well, the UK is lucky to be standing, folks.

Even though I’ve been out of the loop due to travel and severely limited internet access, when I finally had some time to sit down and read some news and started seeing pictures of rioting in the UK my first thought wasn’t “Holy shit! What happened?” It was more like “I wonder what other obvious effects of bad policies are also hitting today.”

Here’s the thing: you can talk about how the rioters are just poor, underclass people sticking it to the man until Satan prances through the Golden Gates in a little pink dress screaming “I’m Shirley Temple!” and it won’t do a damn thing to stop them from lighting buildings on fire and endangering lives. If you want to consider me to be some kind of bitch for saying the police should be shooting the bastards, go right ahead. Because at this point I think it’s become abundantly clear that the British justice system has become so politically correct and ineffective that you could walk up to a British cop and give him a wedgie with the full knowledge you could probably successfully sue him if he arrests you.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read news stories coming out of the UK about some exasperated homeowner trying to protect their own property. Property that has been violated multiple times. So they get arrested because some little piece of shit that was raised under the mindset that telling him “no” would hurt his feelings and damage the poor little snowflake’s ability to function might scratch himself on barbed wire while trying to steal the guy’s garden tools and come down with a raging case of tetanus. This is nothing new. And people wonder why I have such problems with government involvement with anything outside keeping people from killing me or taking my stuff.

I mean, Jesus on toast, they can’t even get that right half the time and you want me to drop to my knees and thank my lucky stars that they want to give me “free” healthcare and “save” me from Oreos and the horrors of salt and fat? I think I’ll take my chances with the salt shaker and Double-Stuf Oreos.

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