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I’m currently playing around with Google+ and I have to say, even at the testing stage, I’m much happier with the functionality than I am with Facebook. Google has simply done Facebook better than Facebook.

I knew I had to try G+ as soon as I saw their “circles” idea. I like what the circles bring to the social networking sphere because it is very true, there are some things you share with your adult friends you don’t necessarily want your much younger siblings seeing (such as swearing) or maybe you’re an amateur political pundit and you’ve got friends who just don’t want to hear about your latest political grievance. They’ve made it ridiculously easy to share things with everybody or with just one circle or, heck, just one friend. And I love how they’ve made the interface so easy to use. It’s not cluttered like Facebook is. I imagine that will unfortunately not be the case over time, but for now the screen is a nice, clean setup. Also, they have the comment button (which Facebook so rudely disposed of) so you don’t get into a big epic comment, then hit enter only to have it post in the middle of the awesome point you were trying to make.

If you get the chance to try it, do. Even if you don’t like it, you can still hang out on Facebook. I’m thinking I’ll keep my Facebook account to keep in contact with friends who won’t switch, but I’m pretty much on the Google+ boat from now on.


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