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As I’ve never been particularly strong in statistics (it was never an area I had a whole lot of interest in) I really don’t have the time or patience to do something like this post about Texas job and unemployment numbers over at the blog Political Math (which is written by Matthias Shapiro, the same guy responsible for the infamous “Obama Budget Cuts Visualization” video on YouTube as seen below).

Naturally I expect some people to completely disregard what this guy is saying because it’s makes a few points – somewhat between the lines though extremely obvious to anybody who wants to be honest with themselves – regarding the effects of heavy taxation and regulation on population movements and job locations. Whether you want to believe it or not, both high taxation and regulation have a negative effect on any economy, micro or macro, federal or state. Texas job numbers are not a fluke. Maybe a good topic for a blog post would be for me to find out what the tax and regulation climates are like in the states Matthias used to compare to Texas. It could be my own companion piece to his analysis of the Texas job numbers. Thoughts?


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