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I have often found it interesting – and a tad amusing – to see what my leftist friends on Facebook post. Mostly it makes me want to shove a pencil in my eye as I bemoan the seeming lack of one original thought regarding the issue du jour that they’ve posted, but I do end up finding it interesting because I generally don’t find myself attracted to friendships with people who, if they were to – not knowing it was me – either hear or read an expression of my core political beliefs and standards, would demand I be summarily shot in the head and left in a ditch. As it is, because they know me my beliefs are “quaint” and because I grew up in a conservative area I was “unable to avoid the brainwashing” (my own personal choices – career, life, and otherwise – notwithstanding) so endemic to the area. It’s a lazy assumption, but what more can you expect from people who live their lives by the words of Keith Olberman, a man who would probably explode if he had to talk to anybody as an equal (as opposed to his sarcasm-laced screeds wherein he talks down to people so enamored of him that they positively lap at his feet)?

Of course, I can’t possibly, like they apparently believe they did (leftists are nothing if not insanely elitest and overconfident in their ability to reason), have escaped constant conservative browbeating (we’ll just conveniently forget the fact that my parents never really talked politics at home and I didn’t become interested in politics at all until my job ended up smack dab in the middle of a foreign policy nightmare). No thinking person, after all, could possibly believe the government that governs least governs best. What thinking person could possibly believe that they, as an individual, are more qualified to dictate what they will and will not do in their own life than some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. who is more concerned about choosing the color of his new Lexus than he is about your measly little appendicitis issue? I mean, really, you should be thanking the various government-approved religious figures (as long as it’s not God) for that bureaucrat. /sarcasm

Recently I’ve begun to take the position that I just don’t care. I find arguing with people who are constantly outraged about stuff they clearly know nothing about tiring and counterproductive. Afterall, I could instead be spending my time doing things that actually make a difference – like my job. Or talking to somebody with more than two brain cells to rub together and whose natural voice tone is not “shrieking banshee of outrage.” I have found that it helps me keep from wanting to slam my head into the corner of a desk to make the pain of listening to a leftist attempt to express an “original” thought stop. It also has kept me from wanting to randomly scream “I told you so!” as every single policy the left has been dead-set on enacting has either failed miserably or turned out to be an over-priced, flat-out, bald-faced lie (can’t very well scream about telling people so if you didn’t actually tell them, can you?).

And I could sit back and let the few leftists I know on Facebook continue to amuse me with their lack of even a basic understanding of such subjects as economics, human nature, and national sovereignty as it applies to the protection and guarding of borders, national security, and international law (international law being little more than sugar-coated, anti-American fraud). I could sit back because Andrew Breitbart had the helm.

The man was ruthless in his attacks on the left. And he was constantly beating them at their own game, on their own turf. Even while they were employing a well-worn leftist tactic of changing the rules, he was one step ahead of them. He knew what the rule-shift was going to be before they did and he played them like a master plays a 500-year-old violin. Andrew Breitbart was, quite simply, a tactical genius. I didn’t have to lift a finger and could enjoy my time as a retired amateur pundit because his pen was mightier than any sword I could ever wield. The man was a rock star, and I took immense pleasure in watching him skewer the left. It’s always a beautiful thing to watch people who don’t know they lost before the fight even started continue to trash talk right up to the moment they take a right hook to the kisser, then have to slink away and hope that nobody noticed. Lucky for them the MSM would obfuscate – or just flat out lie – to hide their shame… Unlucky for them Glenn Reynolds’ advice to always have a camera on you has generally been taken to heart by pretty much the entire right side of the blogosphere – a side of the blogosphere, I might add, that finds information and personal responsibility more useful than “They’re trying to steal your lady-parts”-type hysteria filled with half-truths and false equivalencies*. (*Note: just because a person doesn’t agree with the use of an item, it does not mean they want to ban it and take it away from you. And the “lady parts” line was shamelessly stolen from Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame.)

But now Andrew Breitbart is gone, and over the past few days my one thought has been, “Who will take over now?” Who, indeed. It has occurred to me over the course of my grieving that I may have laid down my sword too early. I leaned on Breitbart because I was – and still am, to be quite frank – sick of the endless flow of waste and bile spilling out of the left. I was sick of getting splashed with nothing to show for it. I was sick of wasting my time talking to people who are so caught up in hate and their own selfish me-me-me attitudes that what little bit of a burden I could have shouldered I instead left to a guy who was willing to shoulder it all.

Think of how much more could have been accomplished if we had all fought the good fight right alongside Andrew. Through thick and thin, through the worst the left has to throw and through their laughable attempts to coherently talk about national policy of any type. Think of how much more could have been done if everybody had taken just a little bit of the load off of Andrew and started flinging the filth right back at the people who started throwing it in the first place. They’ve already given us the ammunition. We don’t need to fall on our swords to win this culture war. In the words of a man far more wise in the ways of tactics than I:

“No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” -General George S. Patton

That being said, I can’t promise to always be on the frontlines. I don’t have Andrew’s stamina in the face of the fight. Sometimes I need to step back and take a breather. But if there are enough of us who are willing to take up the fight, enough of us who are willing to stand up and channel the ghost of Andrew Breitbart, we’ll have enough troops in reserve to come forward and join the fight when those on the front need a rest. And the left will rue the day they crowed about and celebrated the death of one man. Because Andrew Breitbart’s legacy will crush them under the weight of a hundred a thousand a million Andrew Breitbarts.



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